Emergency Support Providers                    

We Make the Impossible - Possible

We connect people & services by cutting through the red tape.

We know how systems work. We connect people and services by cutting through the red tape. Experience, determination, pertinent information and contacts are the keys to our success. When someone has a need that the system has an obligation to meet, ESP stays on the case until it is resolved. 

We provide access to extraordinary resources.

Working in partnership with a wide variety of agencies and organizations, especially within the Jewish community, we are able to assist our clients and their families with any support.


We know how the systems work together.

ESP is a Non-Profit Organization formed to help consumers access benefits and services from public and private agencies, and to address the needs of people frustrated by today's many cumbersome bureaucracies. ESP would like the opportunity to assist you and your clients in navigating today's landscape with public & private agencies to achieve a successful outcome.

We have experience working with Social Security, Social Services, Mental Health systems, Insurance Companies, and various Human Service Agencies. ESP has access to information within each of these agencies, which allows us to offer the fullest possible range of service to our client.

Emergency Support Provider's keys to success is our determination, expertise and experience leading us to achieve the goal set by the client. ESP will customize a solution based on the client's needs. Through our over 30 years' of experience and knowledgebase, we provide the client with all of the information for them to make an informed decision to meet their needs and solution they requires.With ESP's expertise, we meet with the client and inform the client of the various pertinent possibilities.

The client then can decide, with as much available information as needed, their goal. ESP and the client, thereafter, work together to achieve the goal.

If you think you may have a client in need of these services, please do not hesitate to call. In the meantime, I look forward to working with you on this present case.